The Next Generation of Farming


About us

Since 2011 IQ flowers has been providing strategic solutions and efficient transhipment facilities for flower growers from Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

And since 2020 IQ flowers has been providing the software IQF to facilities for flower growers from Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

We bridge the gap between our growers and the market in the UK and Netherlands.
We offer products directly from our growers and deliver these to customers worldwide. Our head office Is based in Honselerdijk the Netherlands, in the midst of the growers with distribution channels to all the big cut-flower auctions. Our London office is based in Harrow, which is to provide a personalised service to our UK clients.

Our highly-experienced sales staff know the market in and out and provide a tailored service to all our clients. We proudly offer 24/7 service to our growers and customers.

Our Service

Meticulously prepare flowers for auction, always with presentation, Quality and information in mind. • Comprehensive and strategic advice to increase sales and revenues • intermediate trade to facilitate direct channels between our growers and customers • Handling business procedures on behalf of our clients in a correct fashion • Provide follow up projects for growers and clients, to stimulate ongoing trade • Take part in social-economic projects to stimulate floriculture in third world countries


Our aim Is to offer our growers outstanding customer service and to guarantee optimal capacity throughout the year. To make this passible, we Invest ongoing time and effort Into Innovation and technology. We analyse and Interpret the availability forecasts for our clients active in the market We actively advise our growers and guide them with selecting the right varieties to strengthen their position in the heavily competitive market