IQF Software
Take your product to the future…

IQ Flowers are the right partner to help your business flourish. We
support our growers In word and deed and help our clients set up
production lines from and to our grower; now and In the future

Our software will help you and your brand to become prefect as production. IQF offers rearrangable CMS systems for different variables of growing your product. Besides the CMS you will be able to track all of your periods even if you soil insides in a greenhouse or out in the open field. The software will help you with your records and as long as you use it, it will help you with struggles you have dealt with earlier get past easily.


In our version two of our software which we predict to launch mid 2021 we will be offering IoT systems for greenhouses were you will be able to automatically control your greenhouse without doing anything manually. And there will be much more to come.

Feel free to contact our sales team In the meanwhile to assist you with any queries you might have. And let them assist you with our customizable software and let you get the best of your product.


Will come very soon